Should and Can You Eat Chocolate While Having Braces?

After a person gets braces, he receives a list of foods that he must eat or avoid.

It is essential not to step over these instructions in order to avoid any harm from being done on the brackets or wires of the braces. This can slow down the whole therapy and you will start at zero.

Aside from the numerous foods that you need to avoid while having braces, the important question for many is – Can I eat chocolate? Well, in this article we will cover exactly that.

Having braces will still allow you to eat chocolate, but you need to focus on the soft one and stay away from the hard chocolate. All in all, anything sticky and hard needs to be avoided until your braces are taken off.

Hard chocolate can break some parts of the braces or it can stain the brackets. If you desperately want to eat chocolate, buy a soft chocolate without almonds or nuts, and eat it carefully. You can even dip it milk to make it softer and soggier.

However, you need to obey the following instructions if you decide to eat chocolate.

What to do after eating chocolate with braces?

After you enjoy a piece of chocolate, you need to properly brush and rinse your teeth in order to get rid of any residue that is attached on the braces. You need to pay extra attention to this if your braces are quite new.

Follow these steps in order to avoid any serious issues.

  • Use a soft bristled brush for easier cleaning. Hard bristled brush can harm your sore gums and it can be quite painful.
  • Use a soft brush that is developed for brushing braces. They will make the cleaning easier and more effective when you are trying to remove debris from your teeth.
  • Make sure that you use downwards movements for the upper teeth and upwards movements for the lower teeth in order to remove the debris easier.
  • Brush your teeth for at least two minutes for best results.
  • Make sure that you floss every day in order to remove debris from in between your teeth and braces. Brushing can’t remove everything by itself, and that is why you need to start flossing. By doing this, you will reduce the risk of infections or bacteria. If it is uncomfortable to floss with your braces attached, get dental products such as super floss or floss threader.
  • Floss your teeth by starting from under the wire and then proceed through the teeth above the wire for best results.
  • In order to completely remove the food particles while you floss, form a C-shape with the floss thread for best effects.

What not to eat if you have braces

Now that we took care of the chocolate question, it is important to give you some knowledge on the foods that can harm your braces. Stay away from the following foods and you should have a successful braces treatment.

  • Candies

It doesn’t matter if the candy is hard or soft, you have to stay away from it. Candies can damage your braces due to the small bits that can get trapped in between the brackets. As an addition, you can gather bacteria because of the sugar properties in the candy.

Also, soft candies can inflict tooth decay if they get stuck in the area between the teeth and brackets.

  • Dried fruits

Because of the high amount of sugar in the dried fruits, they become sticky and you should avoid them if you have braces, especially if they are newly applied.

  • Starchy foods

It is always good to avoid starch if you want good oral health, but the extra attention comes to mind when you get braces. Foods such as chips and French fries can leave a huge part of the starch on your braces and it will be hard to remove it afterward.

Starchy foods increase the risk of getting bacteria or an infection.

  • Nuts

Because of the hardness of the nuts, you will have to avoid them. They can easily damage the arch wires of the braces. The size doesn’t matter because even the smallest nuts can get stuck in between the teeth and brackets.

If you desperately need nuts in your diet, try to grind them before eating them or simply make or buy butter. You will get the same nutrients by eating almond butter or peanut butter.

  • Some fruits and vegetables

If you have braces, you need to avoid biting a pear or apple directly, because you can harm your braces. If you want to consume fruits or vegetables, you need to slice them or make a smoothie in order to avoid any possible side effects.

  • Acidic foods and drinks

It is essential that you stay away from drinks and acidic foods such as pasta sauce, wine, salad dressing or any soft drinks. They can easily stain your teeth and the brackets are very hard to clean. Also, you can get a bad look if some of your teeth are stained and if some remain white.

If you see yellow spots on your teeth after your braces are taken off, it is because of these foods and drinks.

  • Cereals and Whole Grains

As we learned so far, you need to stay away from hard foods in order to avoid any damage done to your braces. Because of the crunchiness of the cereals and whole grains, you need to avoid them because they can damage the archwires or can break the brackets.

If you want to consume cereals as a part of your diet, you can dip it in milk and leave it until it gets soft and soggy. It will be easier for eating and you won’t damage the braces.

To summarize everything, you need to stay away from these foods if you want your teeth to look magnificent after you get rid of the braces. It is essential to follow these instructions and you will only see good results.