How to Remove Rashes from Your Face

Rashes are always a bad thing, but the worst problem comes when they show up on our faces.

This can be a challenging situation and many people don’t know how to treat them. In this article, we will give you several therapies to treat a rash successfully. The therapies consist of homework or OTC creams.

These bumps or outbreaks occur on the skin and they usually don’t need a lot of time to spread over a bigger area.

Other symptoms for this outbreak is cracked skin, irritation, itching or redness. Also, there are chances that some conditions, such as fungal, bacterial or viral infection, an allergy, a mosquito bite, a disease or psychological disorder can inflict rashes on a part of the skin.

Essential remedies for face rash

  • OTC Products

You can get creams such as the oral antihistamines or hydrocortisone if you believe that the rash occurred because of an allergy.

There are a lot of products that can help you treat an allergy together with the rush. You can even get calamine lotion if you suffer from irritation and itching.

  • Ice Compress

If your rash is caused by hives, poison ivy or an insect bite, you need to use cold compress in order to treat the affected area. Whatever you have cold, whether it is a bottle or ice wrapped in a towel will help you.

  • Skin Hygiene

You need to have a certain hygiene in order to prevent or treat a rash. Every morning, wash your face with clean water and clean soup and let it dry. Also, you need to rinse your face thoroughly and add a lotion that contains glyceryl stearate or/and stearic acid. You can do this three times per day.

  • Olive Oil

A product extracted from mother nature that can help you treat a lot of conditions, including a rash on your face. Olive oil can help your body open its pores which leads to a controlled air flow on the skin.

Also, this oil can improve your immune system, keep your skin healthy and fight against infections. That is why olive oil can successfully treat a rash. In order to apply olive oil the right way, you need to wash your face with warm water and let it dry.

Afterward, you need to apply the olive oil and leave it for at least two hours.

We recommend doing this remedy at least three times every day until you see progress.

  • Aloe Vera Gel

This natural extract can keep your skin healthy and can prevent a rash from happening in the first place. It can also help you get rid of rashes by applying it overnight. If you combine Aloe Vera with olive oil, you can say goodbye to any kind of a rash.

  • Vitamin E and Cod Liver Oil

This therapy will provide you with fast results in a short period of time. Some people claim that they have seen success after one night of using this remedy. Before you conduct this treatment, you need to wash and rinse your face thoroughly.

We advise you to do this once in the morning and once before going to bed.

  • Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is famous for treating acne, cold sores, and wrinkles. This wonderful ingredient will dry the rashes and eliminate them completely.

Take a cotton ball and dip it into the witch hazel. Then, dub the witch hazel on the affected skin and leave it for at least ten minutes before washing up.

However, keep in mind to dilute the witch hazel in olive oil if your skin is sensitive (do it at least two times every day.)

  • Neem Leaves (Indian lilac)

Add several branches of neem leaves to a boiling water and leave them for around twenty minutes. After that, you need to give it some time to cool down. Furthermore, soak a cotton ball into it and then, rub it on the rash.

  • Banana peel

A remedy that requires zero seconds of your time and no effort to prepare it. After enjoying a banana, just take the peel and carefully rub it on the affected skin.

It will reduce or heal the rash, or simply, it will reduce the itching and discomfort from the rash.

How to prevent a face rash from happening

  • Stay away from allergens

If you stay away from allergens, you can prevent a face rash from happening in the first place. You need to avoid, nickel, chromium, platinum, aluminum and every metal that is available on belt buckles, watches, and jewelry.

  • Use plastic products instead of metal products

Plastic is always better if you want to avoid rashes or other skin conditions. For example, if the buttons are made from metal, you can try covering them with a coat or apply nail polish on them.

  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals

This goes for those who have sensitive skin. You need to avoid chemicals that can be found in hair dyes, cosmetics, and detergents. Also, stay away from irritants, including, poison ivy, rubber or leather.

  • Care about your hygiene

Another reason for a rash on your face can be a fungal or bacterial infection. In order to prevent these infections, you need to be careful about your hygiene. If you are trying to heal, you need to let your skin breathe and dirty skin leads to bad conditions for air flow.

  • Don’t use oil-based products

Some products can inflict rashes because they might trap the heat. Stay away from oil-based products and you might not even experience a rash.

We have covered a lot of therapies and we are sure that all of them can play a role in this issue. It is important that you choose the ones that suit you the most and keep up with the routine.