Best Ways to Cover Stretch Marks

It is common for people to get stretch marks that can ruin their looks and stress their everyday lives.

There are numerous reasons for stretch marks including, weight loss or weight gain, pregnancy or fast growth. They are small tears that happen in the middle layer of the skin.

In the beginning, they are small purple or small lines that you can see on the surface but after some time, they turn into white colored tears. Many people are looking for a way to cover them and if you are one of them, then you have come to the right place.

We will cover several unique remedies that will help you cover or hide your stretch marks.

  1. Makeup

The number one remedy for any kind of a skin condition. There are a lot of products that can help you but we will give you a step-to-step treatment that will definitely help you. The makeup will give you the opportunity to hide your stretch marks and wear a swimsuit or shorts.

  • Clean the affected area

You need to make sure that the area that you plan to cover up is totally clean. It will be easier to put the makeup and it will last longer. Wash it carefully and thoroughly in order to create a smooth surface for the makeup. Also, you can even use witch hazel in order to make the pores tighter.

  • Apply a moisturizing lotion

You can use a moisturizing lotion, for example, made from cocoa butter, and mix it with a bronzing powder. You need to get a golden-brown liquid that needs to be applied directly on the stretch marks. Massage the area for a while until you see that the darkness from the powder covers the stretch marks that you want to hide.

  • Use concealer

If you can’t cover them with a moisturizing lotion, you need to get a concealer in order to match the color with your skin. This will work miracles at people who suffer from big stretch marks. You need to use a light coat of the concealer and to dab it on the affected area. It is important to dub it because you will cover the stretch marks without any problems.

If you want to make it look even, you can use a concealer brush.

  • Use dab powder

This is the last step of the whole procedure, and it is pretty essential. You need loose powder in order to cover the stretch marks effectively. Also, by using powder you will allow the other makeup to blend better and make a better effect of covering the stretch marks.

2.       Self-tanning products

This treatment is especially good for those who don’t suffer from dark stretch marks. Those who have light stretch marks might find this useful, at least for a shorter period of time. However, keep in mind that you need to get self-tanning products directly from a store instead of trying to get a natural tan. By getting a natural tan, you might make your stretch marks look even darker.

  1. Tattoo

It might not be everyone, but we must be honest and say that a tattoo can really help you with this issue. Many people who would like to have a tattoo sometimes in their lives need to try tattooing their stretch marks. Our piece of advice is to take care of the tattoo that you choose. Your stretch marks are not as healthy as your skin; therefore, the tattoo might not look so good. That is why you need to find a design for yourself in order to cover the stretch marks more effectively.

You will have a tattoo that fits perfectly with the stretch marks while making them less noticeable.


It can be a huge challenge to go out and let the world see your stretch marks. Luckily, we have remedies like the ones mentioned above, that can really help us get rid of the stretch marks even if it is for a short amount of time.

The only issue with covering your stretch marks is that you won’t make it last forever if you cover them with makeup. You will solve the problem only for a short period of time, but many people find this promising.

It can be hard to cover your stretch marks every day, but you need to make it as a part of your daily routine. If you want something permanent, we advise you to check a tattoo artist and ask him for an advice. He might find a good solution that will look perfect on you.

If you are determined to remove them completely, you can consider taking a medical treatment such as removal of stretch marks with a laser. Also, you can even start a healthy diet that will help you control your weight which is essential when it comes to taking care of your stretch marks.